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PostSubject: THE CHARACTER FORM.   Tue Apr 14, 2009 4:04 am

Please, before you make your character, read this.
It's the story line. You wont get any of this if you dont read it.

In the universe of Ono, you get scanned everywhere you go. You don't get to choose where you live, you don't get to choose who you marry, or who yours friends are, or even how you dress. When you are born into this universe, you are sent to a certain city that fits you. Only three such hospitals exist; Skytop, Aimwell, and Boneyard.
Skytop is located in the city of Blunts, Aimwell is in Umpire and Boneyard is located at Aromas Valley. If you were not born into a hospital, you were immediatly killed.
Cameras fill the streets and your home. They watch everything you do.
The routine at the hospitals were: give birth to the child, scan it; if the baby was positive, give it a shot through the brain to kill all the cells to restart the child. If it was not positive, they would send it away to a town called Truths Home.
Truths Home was the place for the unclaimed babies, the negatives, and the others they could not explain. Mainly, all of those children were sent to the only school there, appropriately named Deadhouse Academy for the Specially Gifted.
Each and every juvenile that attended DASG eventually ended up with a special gift; wether it being mind to matter.
And the best part about Deadhouse was-
everyone was free. No cameras, no one to tell them what to do.
Unfortunately, all of the kids never saw their parents again. Or their siblings, unless their siblings were negative, too.
As the kids had aged to the age of 14 years, they were specially trained to become a thing called Silenthero. Silentheros go out on 'missions' to other galaxes, or ever universes. It depended what the situation was.
And once they had grown to the age of 20, they were released into the world, hoping the best to survive.

Silenthero name:
relationship with anyone?:
hair color:
eye color:

other notes:
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